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Warm and bright

Because no one should be without heat and light.

Why is affordability so important at Together Energy?

There's a fear attached to debt and we recognise it as a real concern for people all over the UK and many of our staff have experienced it first hand for themselves. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with long term peace of mind and that's why our two and three year fixed deals were the cheapest in the country for forty out of the last forty-eight months.

We ask our customers to talk to us if they're worried about anything. We can help with anything from payment plans to direct debit alterations. We also apply a winter weighting to our tariffs for new customers; adding an additional 20% to 30% to their first few months' direct debit if they join us in the winter.

Until we see your actual usage, not just the estimates we get when you switch, we'd rather customers are in credit come the spring than paying off winter until autumn.

Avoiding bill shocks

Our aim is always to ensure no one gets a nasty surprise when our bill arrives. So we're always looking for ways to pass on wholesale savings in our fixed tariffs, or projecting usage for our variable tariff.