Caitlin Daly


“Being part of Street League was great preparation before joining Together Energy, as it gave me the opportunity to meet the CEO before applying. Everybody is great at Together Energy, I really enjoy coming into work and working with the team. It’s great too being able to help customers every day. I realised how valuable the work I do is, when I started asking customers for feedback on Trust Pilot. Everyone was so lovely and grateful for the service I had provided. We celebrate great service every day at Together Energy.”

Gordon Shirley

Gordon Shirley

“I thought I’d played all my cards – I didn’t expect the chance, at my age, to go to university. But this is a great opportunity for me to better myself, achieve something I never thought I would. Together Energy pushes you forward to be the best you can be and is bringing jobs back to the local area. This has given me something else to go for – I feel rejuvenated. I feel like I can go out there and grab anything I want because I have the support and encouragement behind me.”

Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor

“It’s great that Together Energy is showing its belief in me by paying me through education. I have begun to realise how different cultures and countries do business. I found it fascinating. Better still, I am beginning to appreciate how what I am learning at uni is also helping me at work. As a coach, I feel more equipped to help the team listen to and work with every customer as an individual.”

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I have spoken with Lis at customer support and I like all the Together energy customer service agents. They are well mannered and it’s always a pleasure speaking with them. I have had no faults with them and don’t think I ever will. Simply the best supplier around full stop.