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Energy for life

Paying it forward, thanks to you.

Together Energy reinvests our customers' loyalty across a range of initiatives that benefit those who might not otherwise enjoy what we believe are fair expectations from life.

Because it's not just gas and electricity that people need.

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A warm home

For every customer choosing our 25 month tariff we donated £60 via local food banks to fight fuel poverty; in partnership with The National newspaper.

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Further education

We have a teacher on staff and run an access course with Strathclyde University. From this; five staff members, each year, move on to degrees at the Business School.

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Job opportunities

We actively recruit from the poorest postcodes and run a Hardship Internship, with Strathclyde University, to provide students with paid work during the pandemic.


From SCOPE to Street League to Cash for Kids and our ongoing partnership with the University of Strathclyde, we have and will continue to support partners and charities wherever and whenever we can.

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People first

We recruit from the poorest 10% of postcodes and invest in our staff because we believe that as each member of our team grows as a person, the business will grow too. And, most importantly, our customers will receive the best possible service.

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Recruiting where we do means that our staff understand the challenges that many UK households face and how difficult people find it to manage their bills. This means that a key part of our culture is that we have a caring approach to our customers and our staff genuinely understand the challenges that they may be facing.

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Work/Life Balance

Our core team work within business hours as we recognise that work/life balance and mental wellbeing are paramount to looking after our staff and, therefore, our customers.

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Private Healthcare

All of our staff have access to private healthcare, which includes counselling or emotional support. Some of our staff have not had the best start in life, so a key part of our culture is ensuring that networks are available to help them grow, not just as staff, but as people.