Complaints | Together Energy


If you are unhappy with our service and feel compelled in anyway to complain about us, please let us know immediately: we will do our best to resolve the situation.

Please tell us what’s wrong and why you believe it’s our fault. You can contact us any way you want:

Call us on 0141 846 1520 from 9am and 6pm Monday – Thursdays; and from 9am and 5pm on Fridays.

Email us at

Write us a letter – address it to our Complaints Team at Together Energy, 1st Floor, Erskine House, Clydebank Business Park, Dunbartonshire, G81 2DR

If you are local please come in and meet us.


We recognise that our customers are busy, we want to resolve any dissatisfaction as quickly as possible. We will respond to any complaint we receive with a plan and we aim to resolve 90% of complaints within 48 hours.

If your query is complicated or has lots of dimensions attached to it, we could take as long as 8 weeks to resolve.

Our response could include some or all of these:

  • An explanation.

  • Doing all we can to resolve the problem.

  • An apology.

Goodwill Payments

Any goodwill payments made and accepted by the customer is full and final settlement of the complaint.

Still Unhappy?

We hope you’ll be satisfied with our response. If not, get in touch again and tell us you want your complaint to be referred to our Management Team. They’ll need to talk to you, so it’s best to phone or, if you’re emailing or writing, include your phone number so they can call you back. If they can’t reach you by phone they’ll email or write to you within 5 working days. Our team will explain what’s going on and work with you to resolve the issue.

If you’re still not satisfied, you have a choice. You can: Ask us to look into the matter again.

Ask for a ‘final response’ or ‘deadlock letter’. In this, we’ll explain that we haven’t been able to sort the issue out to your satisfaction, recap what’s happened, and give you contact details for the Energy Ombudsman.

How can the Energy Ombudsman help me?

The energy ombudsman is an independent organisation that can step in if you’re not happy with our response, or if it’s more than 8 weeks since you first complained and we still haven’t put things right for you. The service is completely free, and if they decide we should do more to help you, we have to do whatever they recommend.

How we’re doing with your energy complaints

Quarterly Performance Reporting 

We take customer satisfaction seriously and work hard to achieve it. We don’t always get things right but when we get them wrong, we work even harder to sort it out. We use feedback from complaints to improve the level of service that we can provide and prevent issues from occurring in the first place. Our customer feedback also focuses our attention on where we will prioritise investment in our customer service operations.

Top 5 Complaint Reasons

Categories of most common complaint reason from last monthly submitted (Novemer 2020)

Customer Service

We are proud to consistently make it easy for our customers to talk to us.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing energy providers we recognise the need to maintain these high standards consistently.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we committed to maintain service as usual. We are proud Which? has ranked Together Energy top of its latest league table for being the fastest UK energy supplier to answer customer calls.

On average Together Energy took only 51 seconds to respond compared to a number of the biggest energy companies who took more than 20 minutes.

What we have done:

  • Together Energy has created a unique partnership with the University of Strathclyde creating 90 jobs and providing vital work experience for its most vulnerable students.

  • Continued to grow our customer service team

  • Opened our Warrington office

  • Rolled out an industry leading customer relationship management system

Payment Issues

We know that one of the most important services an energy supplier can provide its customers is helping them stay on track with their payments, balances, and providing credit balances when they are due.

What we have done:

  • We have a dedicated billing team who are improving our performance every month.

  • We maintained a very high 4 star billing performance in Citizen Advice Bureau’s supplier league table

  • Every quarter we assess whether customers are paying enough for their energy and our customers have responded very positively to recommendations to increase or decrease direct debit amounts.

  • We have created a dedicated offboarding team to ensure refunds are paid on time, in line with our refund policy

  • We recognise that customers need to be kept informed about what action they need to take when leaving us. The most important thing is to provide meter reads to their new provider within 5 days of their supply start date. This makes it easy to close the account on actual meter reads and issue accurate credit balances, when due

  • We are reviewing how we can improve our offboarding communications to help customers with what action they need to take and what they can expect from us.

Sales and marketing - sales directly between supplier and customer

We recognise that sales and marketing is our first opportunity to tell you about what we stand for as an energy supplier.

Our mission:

Affordable renewable energy for you, whatever your circumstances.

Our promises:

Fairer Together - To make it easier for you to choose Green Energy, we promise that it won't cost more and you won’t pay a premium for offsetting your carbon gas emissions.

A Fairer attitude to customer service - We do everything to help our staff become the people they want to be. From grass-roots employment programmes to community projects and further education, we are creating fairer opportunities for all.

What we have done:

  • Launched a new website

  • Launched our mission and values

  • Ensured we are consistently the cheapest long-term tariffs, for 4 years running

  • Customer service that’s rated in the top 3 for response times by Which? (so you can always talk to a real person)

  • Continual investment in renewable energy, including offsetting 100% of our carbon gas by 2023

  • A commitment to reducing fuel poverty and doing the right thing for each individual customer

  • Working at a grass-roots level in our local community to provide job opportunities and improve lives.

Switching Issues

99% of customers are switched on time. We recognise how important a smooth switching experience is for customers both for joining us and when customers choose to move away to another supplier.

What we have done:

  • Created a dedicated offboarding team managing customer accounts who have chosen to move to another supplier. We think that the least we can do is help our customers leave with a good impression of Together Energy.

  • Created a dedicated onboarding team. We recognise the importance of first impressions, especially in a growing business.

  • Launched our new billing system to ensure timely bills.

Billing and Meter Readings

We recently launched our billing and customer management system. We did this so that we could respond quickly to customer feedback and define our own system development plan.

This decision has been vindicated as we have seen month on month improvement, with more than 90% of customers receiving accurate bills on time.

What we have done:

  • Launched a new service where customers who enter a meter read on their customer portal will receive a bill within 48 hours.

  • Targeted communications for customers who have yet to provided a meter read.

  • Created a dedicated billing team handling individual accounts.

  • In system account level diagnosis, so that our billing team can easily identify what action they need to take with industry data and partners to ensure an individual account can receive an accurate bill.