Fuel Mix Disclosure


Together Energy’s fuel mix disclosure for the disclosure period 01/04/2018 – 31/03/2019.

We also publish our fuel mix on our annual statements

1. Transmission and distribution loss factor (not to be applied to embedded generation)


2. Residual Fuel mix (relevant to Paragraph 10 of the Regulations)

Energy Source %

Coal 8.9

Natural Gas 60.3

Nuclear 18.1

Renewables 8.9

Other Fuels 3.8

3. Environmental impact (relevant to Paragraph 11 of the Regulations)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Energy Source g/kWh

Coal 920

Natural Gas 349

Nuclear 0

Renewables 0

Other 871

Overall average 208

High-level radioactive waste

0.007 g/kWh


4. UK fuel mix (for comparison)

Energy Source %

Coal 5.2

Natural Gas 41.4

Nuclear 18.7

Renewables 32.8

Other 1.9

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