Governance Policies | Together Energy

Good Governance

Together Energy abides by specific regulations and compliance requirements, details of which can be found below or via the links provided.

Retail Energy Code

Together Energy has signed up to the Retail Energy Code

The Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo) is the corporate vehicle for ensuring the proper, effective and efficient implementation and ongoing management of the Retail Energy Code (REC).

The Retail Energy Code went live February 2019. All licensed energy suppliers, gas transporters, electricity distribution network operators and data communication companies are required to accede to the Retail Energy Code.

The purpose of the Retail Energy Code is to bring together the code requirements relating to retail energy activities. It will govern the operation of faster and more reliable arrangements for consumers to switch their energy suppliers.

The Retail Energy Code will put consumer outcomes at the heart of everything it does. It provides market participants with an accessible and comprehensible set of rules that are as easy as possible to understand and comply with. 

Guaranteed Standards of Performance 

In addition to our commitment to achieve high standards of customer service, Ofgem set out specific standards that we, and all suppliers, must adhere to. These are called our Guaranteed Standards of Performance.

Customers are entitled to compensation if these Guaranteed Standards are not met.

As your energy supplier, we are responsible for the standards covering your meter, switching to and from other suppliers, and refunding credit balances.

There are also Guaranteed Standards which apply to your local electricity distribution company and gas transporter, these cover supply interruptions and maintenance work, for example.

We are also required to tell you about the Standards which apply to your local electricity distributor; and those which apply to your local gas distributor.

You can also read our current Guaranteed Standards of Performance Report.

Smart metering installation code

All energy suppliers are required to develop and follow a licence-backed Code of Practice governing the installation of smart meters. The latest version of the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice is available on the SMICoP website.

Modern Slavery Statement

‘Modern Slavery’ is the use of forced, compulsory, trafficked or child labour. It has no place in our business. And our internal policies ensure we only work with suppliers and subsidiaries that feel the same.

Within our current product portfolio of procuring and supplying gas and electricity to residential customers, we believe the risk of encountering modern slavery or trafficking through our own operations or those of our suppliers is low.

Our own business is not at risk of Modern Slavery, but some of the partners in our supply chain may carry a risk. We expect all our suppliers to do business in a fair and ethical way.

We carefully select partners and suppliers to work with on a number of factors including their reputation within their industry. Our onboarding process is clear on our business and personal principles and we have started to bring in contractual provisions reflecting responsibilities to minimise their risk of slavery and human trafficking.

We are also not afraid to let our principles override our commercial drivers – if we don't believe a supplier or partner would work as we would expect, then we will not work with them.