Green Energy | Together Energy

Fairer to the planet

Renewable energy for today, and tomorrow. We believe it matters where our energy comes from, and we think you do too.

100% of our electricity

comes from wind, solar and hydro sources right here in the UK, and are backed with a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin.

This means we can genuinely call our electricity ‘green’

as we don’t use nuclear power, or rely on biomass plants that have higher levels of emissions.

We’re ambitious for the future

Green energy is heading in the right direction, but there’s plenty more to be done.

To truly tackle climate change, we need to invest heavily in sustainable renewable generation and focus on significantly reducing carbon emissions.

One of the ways that we’re doing that is through UK solar farms.

Our main shareholder, Warrington Borough Council, owns the UK’s largest and most technically advanced solar farm. This game changing project delivers power during the day through direct solar generation, and through the night thanks to battery storage.

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We’re also working towards offsetting 100% of our carbon gas by August 2023

We won’t ask you to pay a premium for offsetting your gas either. All our tariffs are very competitive in the market, as we want everyone to be able to choose their energy provider based on their heart, as much as their wallet.

Making promises we can keep

We have a duty to the next generation to make a difference in how we consume energy.

We’ve chosen to partner with Orsted, the most sustainable energy company in the world, for our supply. This allows us to make solid promises to our customers, particularly in terms of developing low carbon offers.

But we want to go further, which is why we’re committed to moving towards biogas rather than relying on carbon offsets.

That’s renewable energy with a long-term outlook.

It’s also what’s fair to our planet, and to you.