March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Safety Changes

Together Energy has become the first energy company to suspend its door to door sales teams from selling in the interests of safety and is calling for other energy suppliers to follow suit.

Most major energy companies use outsourced door to door teams as part of their sales strategies, however, in view of the current situation with the coronavirus the company has decided to cancel the service affecting around 25/30 people based across the UK.

Chief Executive, Paul Richards said, “Cancelling these services with immediate effect is the responsible action to take despite the financial impact it will undoubtedly have on the business.  It’s not fair to disturb people in their homes during this difficult time and it’s also important for the safety of our outsourced staff.

“Like all businesses, we’re facing uncertain and challenging times but safety and good sense have to prevail.   We’re optimistic this will be short-term but its unchartered territory for everyone but we’ll continue to take advice from industry bodies and Government.

“Our Customer Service department remains open and our staff are available to answer any questions or worries our customers may have. New customers can continue to take advantage of our competitive tariffs directly from our website.”