July 16, 2020

Danny Lands The Italian Job

Back in January, 25 year old Danny Hillier thought he had landed his dream job.

He had said goodbye to family and friends and set off for Italy to take up a post in Naples as an English teacher.

However, just a few months later, Italy went into lockdown and Danny’s dream job came to an abrupt end as all the schools were ordered to close throughout the country.

Danny explains, “Within a matter of days I found myself without a job and stuck in Italy with no way to fly home.  It really wasn’t the dream I had been planning for and it was an anxious time being stuck overseas with very little money.

“However, I was really lucky.  Before I moved to Naples I had been working for Together Energy in Clydebank for over a year and the Chief Executive, Paul Richards, had continued to keep in touch with me when I moved.  As soon as he heard what had happened, he offered me a job working in customer service from my flat in Naples. It was such a lifeline for me, and I am really grateful to Paul for helping me out.

“Things are beginning to get back to normal in Naples and I am hoping to be able to go back to teaching in September or October however, until then I’m just delighted to be able to stay in a city that I’ve grown to love and still make a valuable contribution to Together Energy.”

Paul Richards, Chief Executive, Together Energy said, “I remember watching on television the terrible time Italy was having as they moved swiftly into lockdown, some time before the UK.  When I heard from Danny I was just keen to help however I could as it was clearly a very  difficult time.   It’s worked out really well and Danny was able to quickly provide quality and experienced service to our customers from his flat in Naples.

“He actually became the template for how we enabled  our entire work force to move to home working during these difficult times. I look forward to meeting up with him whenever he is able to safely visit Glasgow again.”

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It was a real delight dealing with Ceara today, and she epitomises the best aspects of using Together Energy. She has even sent me an email confirming that she has already actioned what we agreed in our discussion on the phone.