February 17, 2020

New Energy Jobs For Warrington

Leading UK social employer, Together Energy, has launched a recruitment campaign ahead of the opening of a new office in Warrington.

The energy provider, which secured investment from Warrington Borough Council last year, is looking to recruit at least 20 new staff members.

Together Energy operates a unique recruitment policy favouring young people who have been disadvantaged in some way or did not have a positive experience of school.

Paul Richards, Chief Executive, Together Energy said, “Together Energy was founded in an employment deprived area with a significance reliance on low-wage, zero hour contracts  and state benefits and our ethos from day one has been to create local community jobs of worth that recognise and support young disadvantaged people.

“We want to replicate that in Warrington and create opportunities for personal growth.  Investment in training and learning is also a big part of our business and no matter the stage of a person’s career we provide learning support whether that be participation in a Modern Apprenticeship or a University access course, but it’s not just about academic learning as we recognise that’s not for everyone.  We offer support and advice on a variety of lifestyle issues.

“We’re looking at opening a new office in the town in the spring and are hoping to have staff in place within six weeks.   No experience is required as training is provided but a desire to make a change and learn is. ”

All Together Energy employees receive the minimum living wage for over 25 year olds, regardless of their age, which is significantly higher than the average industry rate.

Councillor Russ Bowden, Leader of Warrington Borough Council added, “Offering local young people who might not find a job easily in the job market was one of the reasons for our investment.  We are delighted that the new Warrington office will provide this opportunity”

Candidates who are interested in finding out more can get in touch by emailing hr@togetherenergy.co.uk

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