July 16, 2019

OneSelect Credit Balances

Since being appointed as the Seller of Last Resort (SoLR) by Ofgem to service OneSelect customers, final bills and balances have now been issued to all customers.

In addition, all SoLR clients who had confirmed credit balances have had this amount transferred to their Together Energy accounts, protecting around £4.1m worth of customer balances.

We are continuing to try to contact OneSelect customers, who have never been a Together Energy customer, through a number of different channels and at our cost, to advise them that they have a credit balance to collect.

These are not payments Together Energy has received but balances accumulated with OneSelect which Together Energy is protecting and will liaise with the administrator to ensure refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

If you are a OneSelect customer who believes you are due a refund please contact 0333 150 1699 or alternatively, you can email us at support@togetherenergy.co.uk


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It was a real delight dealing with Ceara today, and she epitomises the best aspects of using Together Energy. She has even sent me an email confirming that she has already actioned what we agreed in our discussion on the phone.