November 24, 2020

Together Energy Offers Job Lifeline to Struggling Students

Together Energy has created a unique partnership with the University of Strathclyde creating 90 jobs and providing vital work experience for its most vulnerable students.

The Strathclyde Hardship Internship Fund was created to help struggling students who would normally be working in hospitality and retail to supplement their income whilst studying.  The university identified potential students, across all year groups, in most need who were invited to attend an interview for the programme.

The students, who are studying for all different types of courses, undertook four weeks training at home and are now working remotely 15 hours a week in the evenings after their university work has finished.

Paul Richards, Chief Executive, Together Energy said, “The job market has been hugely challenging and we recognised the difficulties students were facing with the closure of so many bars, restaurants and shops.  We had a number of vacancies and already have a partnership with the University of Strathclyde having created an exclusive business access degree course for our staff, and it just made sense to reach out and see what we could do.

“As well as earning a wage the students are also gaining valuable work experience and skills that will really help them when they are ready for the job market fulltime.”

The students are working across various departments in the business and are assigned a mentor to provide help when needed.

Ainsleigh Beattie who lives with her gran in Castlemilk is studying for a Masters in Environmental Engineering and has just started with Together Energy.  She said, “I was paid off from my retail job and I had an internship all lined up for the summer and that was also cancelled so when the opportunity arose with Together Energy I jumped at it as it was just perfect timing for me.

“I’ve always had to rely on a part-time job and it has been really tough for a lot of my friends who have been paid off.

“It’s certainly been different working from home and getting used to the different systems but Together Energy have been really supportive and there is always someone on hand to help when needed.   During the training we were put into groups so I’ve also met some new people which has also been great.

“My lectures finish at 5pm and then I start work at 6pm three nights a week and I get the weekends to myself which is brilliant having worked in retail.  The work has also been really beneficial to my course and I’m hoping to graduate in June next year when fingers crossed things might have improved.”

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I have called the call centre twice and on both occasions, I have been very impressed by the speed at which it was answered (there was no hold or automatic option menu – I hope that as they grow they can keep this)