One Week On

It is now one week since we took over the accounts of OneSelect customers having been appointed by Ofgem.

Over a third of customers have already responded to our request for meter reads and confirmation of details, and this is greatly appreciated. This allows us to ensure we have the correct details to bill you for the right periods at the right amount. We will be resending the email requesting this information, and whilst we know it is a busy time, if you could take a few minutes to complete it would be very helpful.

We have successfully started the migration process to transfer OneSelect customers to Together Energy which requires a considerable amount of third party interaction. In line with normal industry timeframes we would expect this to be complete by early January. At that point you will be able to transfer to an alternative Together Energy tariff or switch to another supplier without exit fees.

Whilst we know that the tariff you have with Together Energy is higher than you were paying with OneSelect, it is the accurate cost of providing energy today. OneSelect tariffs were causing the business to lose money which was simply not sustainable. The overall costs of wholesale energy have also increased in 2018 and this is reflected in our tariff agreed with Ofgem. This tariff is capped for extra security.

We offer the best value two and three year tariffs and once you are officially registered we hope you will take this opportunity to safeguard against further price increases. Please do visit our website to find out more.

Once registration is complete, we will be working on closing the balances for customers with OneSelect as at 14th December when we took over supply. This will be an ongoing process throughout January and will allow us to determine your opening balance – be it a debit or a credit.

We have increased our HQ teams, together with OneSelect’s staff in Reading, and added additional resource through our partner Kura, to allow us to manage this increased volume of activity.

We will continue to provide regular updates and further information is available on our website –

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